A Spouse’s “Thank You”

- by Dolly Flanigan -

I just want to say thank to the AW2 program for all it has done for my family.

Tom, my husband, was not sure what he was going to do after being retired from the Army. Our AW2 Advocate, Ms. Garrett helped us in many different ways, including finding extra money for transitioning from the Army to civilian life. She also helped my husband get a job with the Corp of Engineers.

Ms. Garrett kept in contact with Tom and told him the AW2 program was going to start helping AW2 spouses find employment. He asked me to contact her about this program, and less than a month later I am work in the hospital at Ft. Knox which I have been trying to get in for the last 2 years.

The AW2 program is a wonderful. I hope more people will take the opportunity and time to use the AW2 program. It has helped my family a great deal.

Thank you Ms. Garrett and the AW2 program.

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