AW2 Soldier Accepts Job with Congressman

- by Zachary Guill, AW2 Soldier -

This is to give hope to all the military personal mainly combat arms, that there are jobs and people looking for vets to hire when you get out.  In the Army I was 11B1P (Airborne Infantry).  I deployed 3 times, 2003 to 2004 to Iraq out of Vicenza, Italy, and again 2005 to 2006 to Afghanistan, and to Iraq for one last time in 2006 from Ft. Hood.  My time in Iraq the last time was cut short due to an IED.  We all know that once you get out of the military that the prime jobs for combat arms are in law enforcement, but where do you get a job if your injured and can’t run or pass a physical training test.  After my Medical Board I began working in casino survallence, not the best pay but it was a job.  About a month into that job, I got a phone call from my AW2 rep. telling me about a program through the House of Representatives that places wounded soldiers into Congressional positions.  I was all for it, who better to help a VET than someone who has already been through the experience.  I sent my resume to her and she forwarded it on.  I later was called for an interview and hired.  I have been working for my Congressional Rep. since December.  Since working in the office, I have seen many people willing and preferring to hire veterans.  There are many programs that aren’t publicized that well but they are out there.  A lot of the problems I help people with are problems that I faced and we all faced in the military.  So don’t give up, jobs are out there and if not then there are people out there willing to help you out.  I do know that the Wounded Warrior Program through the House of Representatives is still looking for people to sit in Congressional offices.

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  1. jatekok says:

    Hope you guys will get what you deserve – you really served your country – did your part and let me express my respect and admiration for that.

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